The most powerful fruit shaker all around: 65cc / 4,8HP engine for outstanding performance.

Designed and manufactured to be superior, it is a PROFESSIONAL shaker as effective as it is safe for the user. With a new patented Antivibration system, this mechanical shaker is simply the best option for those who need quick harvesting without compromising their trees.

Shaker FS920 is lightweight but powerful. You can increase your harvesting capacity up to 2.800-3.000kgs per day with a single machine and achieve a falling rate of 85-95% from well pruned trees without damaging the branches and the buds.

Why it is FS920 superior?

  • 2 years warranty.
  • The lightest on the market: 13,4kgs.
  • Rod stroke: 62mm.
  • Vibrations per minute: 2000/min (10.500 rpm).
  • Electronic ignition system.
  • Helical gear & connecting rod in oil bath. Easy control of the oil level.
  • Swivel joint for smooth rod and hook rotation.
  • Automatic centrifugal clutch.
  • Resistant hook cover.




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