Atrax 1600 EN

Pneumatic mechanism manufactured with aerospace metal alloys for longer life.

Very resistant polyamide rakes. Easy to replace.

Easy access to olives without damaging new sprouts.

Pressure bar: from 6 to 8 bar.

Air consumption: 200 L/min

ATRAX 1600

ATRAX 1600 is a pneumatic harvesting head for any olive variety and tree.

  • Powerfull pneumatic head with 1600 cycle/min.
  • Very light in weight due to the use of special material, 2.65 lbs.
  • Rakes with interchangeable teeth, made from a special thermoplastic poyamide, that can deeply reach within the branches without damaging them.
  • Very productive, harvesting capacity up to 530 lbs/hr.
  • A wide range in length of light aluminum extension poles.
  • Very light weight 1,10 kgs
  • High efficiency. 1600 vibrations/min.
  • Specially designed to avoid damages to olive trees.
  • Easy and comfortable while harvesting. Very low vibration.