HCUAV Project


The consortium is coordinated by the Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics and Turbomachinery, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and comprises of 3 enterprises and 3 universities.

The Construction

  • Spacesonic is responsible for the construction of the HCUAV
  • Since the aerial vehicle was to be built almost entirely from composite materials, a dedicated production line was designed and the corresponding infrastructure was developed.
  • For each part, multiple layers of resign pre-impregnated fibers are placed between two MDF molds, which have been formed in CNC systems.
  • Finally the assembly is placed in the autoclave in order to achieve the required structural efficiency.

The Innovation

Innovative hardware components together with clever software algorithms will be included for the performance optimization of flight, control, surveillance and data collection systems to rpovide a low-cost, high endurence, long range and intelligent unmanned aerial surveillance system.

The Goal

  • The main project goal is the design and construction of a high-performanc civil UAV, appropriately equipped, for long day and night surveilance/patrol operations across segments of Greek borders and over forests.
  • The UAV will be designed for missions primarily focused on:
  • Broad area surveillance, on a 24h/7d basis patrol over segments of National borders.
  • Forest regions surveillance, on a 24h/7d basis patrol operation

HCUAV Specifications

  • The HCUAV is an inherently stable civil UAV design with a total endurance greater tha 10 hours.
  • Designing a project of its size demands great mechanical capabilities and excellent knowledge of the «know how: of the material aspect
  • A Ground Control Station (GCS) with appropriate instrumentation for controlling, monitoring and post-processing of the real-time collected information will be linked to the UAV.