Atrax 4

Technology is Here to Stay

ATRAX ELECTRIC 4 in not just an electric olive harvester. It is a precision tool for every type of olive tree.

What Else? We Have The Best Olive Harvester Around

Light, efficient, easy to use and very resistant, ATRAX ELECTRIC 4 has been designed to deliver the utmost performance at the lowest cost possible.

Forget about complicated repairs, expensive spare parts and maintenance. ATRAX ELECTRIC 4 is the first machine designed to deliver outstanding results without big investments.

Designed and manufactured in Greece by SPACESONIC LTD, ATRAX ELECTRIC 4 has already made an impression worldwide. Greece, Spain, Italy, EEUU, Iran, Turkey and other countries have embraced ATRAX 4 as the most efficient machine for olive harvesting.


  • ATRAX ELECTRIC 4 is very efficient: 145-190kgs/hour.
  • It has been designed to avoid damaging the tree, especially the small branches and sprouts.
  • Every part of ATRAX 4 has been manufactured from aerospace metal alloys and high quality polymers so every part every part is precise and resistant.
  • Less vibration, less noise, less damages. More olives.


  • ATRAX ELECTRIC 4 introduces a substantial change to these machines: an electronic motherboard with a new 7 speed system.
  • Choose the right vibration speed to the tree´s condition. You can control electrical consumption and avoid damaging the tree at the same time.
  • This new motherboard is also equipped with a new control system that is able to stop the machine if a sudden much higher and continuous consumption is detected. Your electric system is always protected.


Precision is everything to ensure the best harvesting. Vibration by itself is not enough when you want to do your harvesting efficiently. ATRAX ELECTRIC 4 allows you to save precious time and electric consumption.

Equipped with 8 carbon fiber rods 360mm long and 5mm diameter on precise angles and positions, ATRAX 4 delivers an astonishing performance.

Especially designed and manufactured carbon fiber rods. High tensile strength, light weight and very high heat tolerance.

Easy and quick replacement.

  • Powered by a 750W DC 12V Brushless motor.
  • Each motor is assembled and tested so there are no failures.
  • High torque at low motor speed for harvesting edible olives.
  • Standard Length: 3,4m
    3 possible lenghts: 2,40m standard pole /  2,80m (with 0,40m extra pole) / 3,40m (with 1,0m extra pole)

  • Weight: 2,40kgs


  • ATRAX ELECTRIC 4 includes 15M CABLE with reinforced plug and extra safety device.


    With less than 3,7kgs, our lithium battery ensures optimum autonomy without adding weight to your back. No back pains.

    Safe, reliable and optimized for ATRAX 4 ELECTRICAL needs, our new ION-Lithium battery is the ideal companion. Lithium battery comes with the same plug as the 12v car battery cable so it is very simple to switch between electrical power sources if needed.


    * In case of generators, SPACESONIC LTD can supply a voltage stabilizer, which is mandatory for this type of power supply.